Fort Lauderdale Ice - Dry Ice

Fort Lauderdale Ice - Emergency Dry Ice DeliveryFort Lauderdale Ice is your complete supplier for all of your dry ice products and dry ice delivery needs.

Dry ice products come available in two primary forms - dry ice pellets and dry ice blocks.

  • Dry ice pellets – Range from regular 5/8" rice, 1/4" and dry ice blasting 1/8” diameter sizes.
  • Dry ice blocks – Range from large 10”x10”x12” full blocks to small 1”X5”x5” packet cuts.

Fort Lauderdale Ice is South Florida’s most dependable emergency dry ice delivery company. Should your commercial walk-in freezer breakdown with food perishables, simply call us and one of our professional and courteous drivers will be glad to deliver dry ice directly to your place of business – with free delivery. Our minimum order for delivery is 75+ lbs.

Having a special event or Halloween party and want to create the perfect mood with some spooky fog or a smokey witch’s cauldron? You’ll need some dry ice for sure!  Simply call Ft Lauderdale Ice - we’ve got all of South Florida’s dry ice needs covered!

What is dry ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of CO2; and it doesn’t melt like normal ice. Rather, dry ice sublimates directly from a solid state to a carbon dioxide gas. Dry ice is extremely cold (-109 degrees F), completely dry, ordorless, and non toxic. It is commonly used as an expendable refrigerant to ship frozen food or medical perishables. Protective gloves should be worn at all times when handling this product.