Fort Lauderdale Ice - Block Ice

Fort Lauderdale Ice - Block Ice DeliveryOur block ice sizes range from small to large – and include:

  • 11 lb. blocks - (about the size of children's lunch boxes) - often used for worker's water jugs and long boating trips.
  • 25 lb. blocks - often used in industrial applications and fishing purposes.
  • 300 lb. blocks - large and crystal clear - often used by ice carvers and for ice luges.

Fort Lauderdale Ice has quickly grown into one of the largest manufacturers of crystal clear ice blocks in South Florida. In fact, our ice blocks are preferred by some of the most prestigious and discerning ice carvers in the area – primarily because of all the care and attention we put towards block quality during the incubation, harvesting, and storage periods. Our large ice blocks can even be professionally trimmed (standard 10x20x40 inches), boxed, and palletized depending upon your specific storage and transportation needs.

And for those of you at home - don't forget that our large ice blocks are an especially great way to "cool your pool". So for any or all of your ice block needs, call Fort Lauderdale Ice today!